Sortez des sentiers battus, visitez la Corse en Version Originale Christine Canale
Sortez des sentiers battus,visitez la Corse enVersion Originale Christine Canale

Bonifacio, the impregnable fortress...

Bonifacio got its name from Boniface II, Marquis of Tuscany ; its strategic position at the extreme south of Corsica made it the place to hold and keep for every invader of the island...

Come and see Bonifacio, an incomparable site and a medieval town with an extraordinary historic past...


Let's start the visit with the discovery of the Citadel. The mini train will take you on top of the cliff to the old town, fortified by the Genoese in the XII century, and Christine your guide will tell you all the secrets of "Bonifacio La Blanche".

Visitors of Corsica... should not miss this excursion.

Then Bonifacio from the sea completes your program... a beautiful boat tour to admire the marine caves and to enjoy the best view of the famous limestone cliffs...

 Now you understand why Bonifacio was called "the impregnable"...

Simple town visit


Concentrated on the old town, this visit will lead you in hurdy-gurdies alleys of this middle age citadel. You will discover its majestic churches, its specific arts and crafts and its secrets of defense.


This price per person includes the guided visit of the old town (1h30) and a ride on the mini train to climb from the marina to the citadel.


Price on request




"Bonifacio Complete" package


A MUST to discover the most visited town of Corsica.


The discovery of the old town and the marine cemetery (one of the most beautiful cemetery of the Mediterranean area), the fortifications, the specific geology of Bonifacio, the flora, the arts and crafts... all your senses are delighted during this visit which is completed by a great boat tour.


From the sea, you will see Bonifacio the impregnable under another angle, without forgetting the marine caves and the abrupt cliffs of limestone.


This price per person includes the guided tour of the old town and the marine cemetery up to the cliffs (2h30) + mini train + boat tour (1 hour)


Price on request





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